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Here's a little bit about me and my background.

Positive Dog Trainer

Cyndi is a Certified Petco Dog Trainer and teaches positive dog training classes at Unleashed by Petco in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches Puppy, Adult Dog, Advanced, and AKC Canine Good Citizen classes.

Animal Communicator

One of Cyndi’s gifts is her ability to telepathically communicate with animals. She spent 2 years studying with Master Animal Communicators - Val Heart and Asia Voight. After successfully communicating with her own dogs and the dogs and cats of friends and family, she decided to offer her gifts to others who needed to hear specifically what their animals need or want. Although this is still a relatively new service, she has had great fun and success communicating with dogs and cats. You can read some of the amazing transcriptions of her conversations below.

Pet Coach

Cyndi is one of the Pet Experts on PetCoach.co, PetMD and AskPetMD.


Cyndi Smasal is the author of "Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog" and "Help Me! My Dog Won't Eat".


Positive Dog Trainer
Pet Communicator
Animal Health Coach


Cyndi Smasal is the author of "Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog" and "Help Me! My Dog Won't Eat" and is currently an Animal Health Coach, Pet Communicator and Positive Dog Trainer. Cyndi was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. She has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and had a 25 year career in the computer industry. Her love of saving dogs led her to leave the computer world and embark on a new journey to help pet parents take the best care of their dogs through nutrition, holistic healing and dog training. For the past 13 years, Cyndi Smasal has turned her love of one dog Norman (the subject of her first book), into a passion for all dogs. She’s helped thousands of dog lovers through her book and hundreds have spoken with her about their own dogs with liver disease. Cyndi has studied canine nutrition, animal naturopathy, natural and holistic animal care, animal communication and positive dog training. She has cared for 6 of her own dogs and 3 cats through liver disease, arthritis, thunderstorm phobias, sensitive skin and stomachs, food allergies, heart murmurs, old age, behavior issues and all of the other normal challenges of owning dogs and cats. She has also coached many other pet parents in all areas of caring for their dogs and cats and she teaches positive dog training classes (from beginner to AKC Canine Good Citizen). Cyndi uses her God given ability to research, sort, analyze, and consolidate so you can cut through the often overwhelming and conflicting information that is out there and go straight to what you need to know to help your dog. She tests the theories; she looks at trends and sorts through the fads. She also stays up-to-date with the expert people and organizations so she can compile the best of the best resources so you don’t have to do the work yourself. Cyndi is the founder and Chief Dog Lover of the Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center. This is the fulfillment of Cyndi’s vision of a dog resource center where everyday people can find out what they need to know to take the best care of their dog. The Hope for Healing Dogs Resource Center is a beacon of HOPE. So many times we feel powerless to save our dogs or to care for our dogs properly. So when the traditional vet’s offer no hope, the resource center is there to give you hope and options.

"Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole."


Here are some of the dogs I've helped over the years.



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Animal Health Coaching

I aim to empower you with the information and resources you need to improve and prolong your dog’s life. With all the unhealthy foods and harmful products on the market, it is difficult to find the appropriate tools needed to keep your dog healthy. With my Animal Health Coaching Services, I give you no-nonsense guidance on all things related to your dog’s diet and overall health.

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